Analytical Laboratory Instruments

Digital Conductivity Meter

Approx Price: Rs 3,800 / pcs 
Minimum Order Quantity: 3 pcs

We come with a Digital Conductivity Meter that is provided with conductivity cell, standard KCL solution, dust cover and instruction manual as well. Known for its accuracy, this conductivity meter is widely used in physical and chemical research centers. Provided with a digit LED, this offered conductivity meter is easy to use.



  • Range: 10 umho/s to 1000 mmho/s in 5 ranges
  • Resolution: 0.0 umho
  • Accuracy (F.S.): ±0.5% ±1 digit
  • Cell Constant: Adjustable
  • Compensation Display: 3½ digit LED
  • Input Frequency: 1000Hz
  • Temperature: Manual & Automatic
  • Compensation (optional) Dimensions: 95x215x190 mm
  • Weight: 2000 gms

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: RAC-736

Ammeter Table Model

Approx Price: Rs 225 / pcs 
Minimum Order Quantity: 12 pcs

We present Ammeter Table Model, which is used to measure electric current in the circuit. These ammeters are widely used in school and college laboratories for conducting various experiments and are well known for their accuracy and reliability. Made available in standard specifications, these instruments are easy to use and carry.


  • Measuring Range: 0.1A-100A, X/5A    
  • Accuracy Class: Class 1.5
  • Operating Temperature: 0-40º C
  • Dimensions: 96x96 mm

Lab Galvanometer

Approx Price: Rs 200 / pcs 
Minimum Order Quantity: 12 pcs

We offer Lab Galvanometer which is an instrument to indicate the presence, direction, or strength of a small electric current. These instruments can be found easily in every laboratory for detecting and comparing currents. We offer galvanometers that are highly sensitive towards current. Manufactured under industry standards, these instruments offer exact and reliable results.


  • Measuring Range: 300 ua~0~300 uA
  • Accuracy: 2.5% f.s
  • Sensitivity: G 030 mV,G1 750 mV
  • Dimensions: 133 mmX 97 mm X100 mm

Hot Plate

Approx Price: Rs 1,300 / pcs 
Minimum Order Quantity: 3 pcs

We bring forth Hot Plate, which is a self contained tabletop appliance with one, two or more heating elements or gas burners. In laboratories, these hot plates find usage in heating glassware or its contents. These instruments are used as a substitute in place of baths, as the latter can be very dangerous if they spill, ignite or get overheated. 




  • Hot plates are designed and fabricated to suit various I.S. & A.S.T.M. standards. Top plate construed from cast iron, body fabricated from GI and finished with Powder Coated Paint Finish.

Heating System:


  • Heating system specially spiral type heaters properly insulated with porcelain beads ; made from best quality nichrome wire.

Control System:

  • Controller : Energy Regulator Controller / Thermostat Control / Digital Control.
  • Temperature Range : Ambient to 300° C 
  • Heat up Time : 45 minute up to 300° C
  • Power Supply : 230 volts AC



  • Temperature Range: Ambient to 300° C
  • Heat up Time: 45 minute up to 300° C
  • Power Supply: 230 volts AC

Technical Details:

Sr. No. Capacity Rating (watts)
1) 8” Dia 1200 W
2) 9” Dia 1500 W
3) 12” Dia 2000 W
4) 10” W x 12” L 1000 W
5) 10” W x 16” L 1200 W
6) 12” W x 18” L 2000 W
7) 18” W x 24” L 3000 W

Fortins Barometer

Approx Price: Rs 4,500 / set 
we offer Fortins barometer.
A glass tube of 6mm bore is enclosed in an enamelled and lacquered brass case, mounted on a polished wooden board with plates for fixing on wall. Open plate reflectors, ring and screws for vertical adjustments. A dual scale graduated in 25-32 inches and 640-810mm and is read by verniers moving by rack and pinion, reading to 0.002 inch and 0.1mm are enclosed in a glass cylinder. A glass cistern at the lower end of barometer is provided with an ivory point to adjust the level of mercury. A thermometer -10 to 50°C is provided on the wooden board. Supplied without mercury. 

Hydrostatic Balance

Approx Price: Rs 2,200 / pcs 
Hydrostatic BalanceThese are general purpose balances for students. The hangers have double hooks for specific gravity experiments, and the pans are detachable. Finished in durable black enamel with chrome plated fitting and mounted on nicely polished heavy wooden base provided with leveling screws. A third small pan with hook is supplied to use it as hydrostatic balance for Archimedes’s principle. Capacity 250gm approx. with sensitivity of 25mg.

Analytical Weight Box

Approx Price: Rs 450 / pcs 

Brass or brass nickel plated , accurate with fractional, Forcep Superior quality having most accurate cylindrical brass weights, complete with forceps and fractional  weights, supplied in a superior quality, cabinet polish wooden box.

1mg to 50gm
1mg to 100gm
1mg to 200 gm
1 mg to 500 gms
1 mg to 1000 gms

Retort Stand And Clamps

Approx Price: Rs 225 / pcs 
We offer all types of retort stand with rod, base size 7x5 , 8x5 inch , die cast
clamps.boss head, 3 finger clamp, condenser clamps etc. 
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